Bouje Workshop

Sewing Styling Living


Hello! I’m so pleased to welcome you to the site, and by extension the sewing studio!

My name is Natalie and I’m a 3rd generation sewist, fledgling stylist, developing pattern-maker, entrepreneur, sometimes crafter and frequent Jill-of-all-trades hailing from gorgeous Barbados.

What’s In A Name?

Bouje Workshop is my place – and hopefully yours – where sewing and styling happily co-exist. You see, I’ve always been as passionate about the sewing – and doing it well! – as I am about styling those special pieces. I figure what’s the use of pouring time and effort into crafting a fabulous garment if you’re not going to display it at its best. And, I freely admit to spending an embarrassment of hours on the ‘net, pouring over magazines, browsing boutiques or just generally people-watching for ideas, inspiration, tips, tricks and techniques. Sounds familiar??!!!

In all my wanderings, I noticed a curious thing, especially online. I have no problem finding a plethora of talented and enthusiastic sewists (I’ve certainly lurked on many of my favorite sites for years!), and I can find countless fashion bloggers and style experts, but its seldom that I can find a place where the content is as much about one as the other, that is the process (sewing) and the finished look (styling). I say let’s do something about that!

Online, Bouje Workshop is a small company offering downloadable, fashionable designs with interesting details and well thought-through, clearly laid out instructions (coming soon!), and with your help, it will grow into a lively hub for exploring how to bridge the gap between fashion and your sewing.

Offline, its also a sewing studio with a growing clientele of interesting women (mostly) who like and want custom-made clothing to express their individuality. I like to call it ‘the atelier’ because everything just sounds so good, so exotic in a foreign language, doesn’t it? And, perhaps when it grows up, it really will be a bona-fide designer’s haven.!

What You Will Find Here

On the site I’m exploring fashion & sewing through discussion, how-to’s, projects and as many other ways as can be hatched. And each month, there will be a lookbook of designs available for purchase. The catalog itself will be free and filled with sewing tips and techniques to complete the projects as well as ideas and inspiration for styling them – kind of like a smashup of your favorite sewing & fashion magazines. In between there will be healthy snippets of what’s going on in the workshop – whether it’s a piece for myself or a client.

Its my hope that whether experienced or newbie, hobbyist or something more serious, you can always find something interesting, perhaps exciting & definitely useful to help you along.

The Back Story

What a mouthful on what I hope to achieve! So how about a little about me to even things out?

As I mentioned at the start, I’m a 3rd generation sewist – both my mother & paternal grandmother made a living from the craft, and I feel I learned by osmosis. In fact, its likely that I learned to hold a scissors before I learned to walk!


All this being said, I invite you to come back often, to offer your feedback, comments & advice or just say hello. Until later, welcome again!


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